Being Perfect

we always try to be perfect, we always want everything to be perfect for us. But honey, the truth is that we can never get there, we’ll always keep wanting more, we can still imagine things being better. if things reach perfection you have no work in this world, there will be no purpose to live.

So where does this whole idea of being perfect come from?

Trust be you have been conditioned all your life that you are not perfect.

once, a family was seated in a restaurant. The waitress took the order of the adults and then turned to their young son.
“What will you have, sonny?” she asked.
“I want a hot dog,” the boy began timidly.

Before the waitress could write down the order, the mother interrupted. “No, no hot dog,” she said. “Give him potatoes, beef, and some carrots.”
But the waitress ignored her completely. “Do you want some ketchup or mustard on your hot dog?” she asked of the boy.
“Ketchup,” he replied with a happy smile on his face.
“Coming up,” the waitress said, starting for the kitchen.

There was stunned silence upon her departure. Finally, the boy turned to his parents. “Know what?” he said. “She thinks I’m real.”

we don’t let out kids feel real. We keep pushing them to be perfect because we never reached perfection. And all this television, schools, magazines, colleges and whole world keep telling us again and again that we are not perfect! To become perfect you have to use our products, watch our shows and learn what we teach. Just so that these people who sell us these things can make more money. Its funny because even they are stuck in this loop, even they are trying to be “perfect”.

But, we have an exception!! when we are trying to be perfect in what we love doing, we would enjoy the whole process. Besides there wont be any effort put in, you will be in your own flow. Say, you are a musicians, every time you play a piano or flute, you just enjoy it, wont get tired of it, you will love that feeling. It would come naturally, no one will push you to be perfect, its like falling in love with someone. Enjoy the beauty of trying to reach perfection, you’ll enjoy the process, cause every second you are enjoying, feeing satisfied what ever your doing. when your finished you’ll wont be so satisfied, you are not gonna like your work, so you start trying another piece and enjoy doing it. Keep trying.! And keep enjoying the feeling! =)

just let go of trying to be perfect. And just BE!


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