what is sexuality?

i know what you are thinking when i say the word sexuality. it has to do with sex for sure! no! it has very less to do with the actual act of sex. sexuality is about celebrating your body. its about identifying your gender, what you enjoy doing, with whom, what color you like, what kind of clothes do you want to wear, exploring your body and mind. sex, i.e weather you are a male or a female or another biological sex, again has less to do with who you chose to be with or indulge in a sexual activity with. it is not necessary that only men and women are suppose to be sexually active (hetrosexual). There are many people who are attracted to the same sex (homosexual) or both the sexes (bisexual) or toward persons of all gender identities  and biological sexes (pansexual or omnisexual) or not sexually attracted but emotionally attracted to other people (asexual). Different people like different things like how some of us like chocolate others vanilla or some of us like both. In India since our culture is not exposed to people other that hetrosexuals, the other sexualities are not considered morally just or religiously right. it is important to understand that everyone has a right to make choices and they have to treated the same way as all the other human beings. they are not mentally ill or this is not a phase.

Understanding one’s sexuality is a beautiful process. sadly since sex is such a taboo, talking, reading, watching or experimenting with anything related to it considered very dirty or unjust. Understanding our sexuality is nothing but understanding who we really are to express ourselves to the world!

post on understanding your sexuality is coming soon =)


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