I BREAK my silence

With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes i write,
only with the hope that someday it will end,
someday my nightmares will stop,
someday women don’t have to be scared anymore,

of their own husbands, fathers and uncles,
of those bastards in the road,
of those sick old pimps who would do anything for money.

I wish for that someday to come,
when women can feel safe being a part of this world,
when women procure virtue,
when men don’t treat women like an asset.

Dear man, I know that you are more emotional then i am,
its all right you can let it out,
cry! tears are meant for everyone.
you and I are the same, yet different,
capable of different things at different levels,
there is no comparison,
come, together we can make this world more beautiful.


Come join my hand when i break my silence, by telling the world my story, my dreadful memory! just break your silence, the whole world will hear you!

here is my story!

I was 11 years old , I used to visit my uncle’s place very often as a kid. i really enjoyed the company of my cousins, we spent a lot of time together as kids. so, one night as usual my uncle was drunk and he was tell us a story, me and my girl cousin. I thought he was trying to put us to sleep. we lied down in a row, my uncle was facing my back. he had his drunk face over my face. As he was narrating something, I felt some thing slimy in my back. I didn’t know what it was all i knew is that it didn’t feel good. I was feeling really uncomfortable. i didn’t know what to do or say, he kept push in that slimy thing of his into my butt. after what seemed like half an hour or so, I finally got up saying i wanna go to the restroom and went and slept in my aunty’s room.
I am 18 now. it was very recent that i realized that i was a victim of child sexual abuse. the memory is still fresh in my mind.i don’t know get rid of that memory.


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