Man started creating all sorts of stories, and named the characters god. When he wrote it he knew very well that they were just stories. His idea behind the stories was that he wanted to make people find truth with the help of his stories. All he wanted is to make it easier for people, give them some basic guidelines on what and how life should be. And he was well aware that those stories and paths to wisdom were meant for that particular time and place. These questions about what happens when people die, they freak people out that they make up any story and cling to it. He called it religion.
But what happened is, in time people started interpreting these stories in their own way. As the stories passed from one generation to another. People started forgetting the purpose of the stories. People were not getting enough love and warmth from each other. So the desperately wanted something to hold on to, cling on to. God became an easier option. It got so bad they man started doing any thing to protect his false stories. Selective hearing is a very common disease among mankind. He hears and registers only the things that he wants from the religion and the stories. Even though he had false understanding of the stories, he stuck to it. He was so attached to those stories that he wouldn’t mind killing in the name of god.
Some other mad man figured that he can take advantage of this attachment, made up more stories and did what ever he wants to do in the name of god. This was good aid for him to sell things to people, all sorts of things.
“I don’t hate homosexuals, god hates them! And I am the messenger of god!” people actually are ready to kill gay people saying this. I don’t see the point in arguing about this statement. If you don’t have anything else to do, why don’t you go kill yourself, because you are going to heaven any ways? Why are troubling people who just want to be?
Religion must die if man kind has to live. The truth I was talking about in the beginning is that you can never know any thing. You cannot know what happens when we die until we die. I know that it’s natural for human beings to feel insecure. But religion is not the answer.


One thought on “Religion

  1. Religion is also said to contain many truths and values without which the world would turn to chaos. So rather than despise religion wouldn’t it be better to take the good values ,all the hidden truths and create a single religion which believes in unity and humility before our maker?

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