Too many whys and what ifs

tags:critical thinking, questioning

My mind, ask for it to keep still and concentrate on one particular thing for sometime, It cannot! It either thinks of the past, all the good memories or the bad ones, cherishes and longs for the good ones and try hard not to think about the bad ones or thinks about the future, wishing for something to happen in a certain way or something that it shouldn’t happen in a certain way. It won’t rest. For some reason there is this hope that meditation will help me help me stop thinking about the past and future ie have fears, insecurities, anxieties call it anything. Then came the question what if this happens, what if that happens and why would this necessarily be good for me. It was really stupid to ask why, even though I know trying to reason things is only going to make it worse, the idea was to stop reasoning in the first place. But now that I have asked that question, I cannot give it a fair try as well.
Its like this, there was his man riding this black horse not really satisfied with his horse. Then there came a man with a white horse, he said why don’t you try this it feels great! But our guy is worried what if it doesn’t satisfy his as will, so what he does is he puts one of his legs on the white horse and kept the other led on his horse. Now that is dangerous. At the same time not giving is a try is also stupid, you are already not satisfied with what you already have. But yes its at least better than trying to get both.

That’s the problem right, too many whys and what ifs, its good to be cautious, its good to critically think of the consequences. But there is a limit, you tend to loose the point to do any thing in life if we ask too many of em’!


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