Let them be!

walked-out walking-on

I met these two kids the other day in the park when we were hosting the cooperative games. They said that they were magicians but they also added that they were not so good at it. We asked them to join us. They were reluctant at first, They said “Watch our magic performance”. We simply compelled them to play and they joined us. We were having fun (We includes our young friends too). After a while we watched their magic show. They made a good collection.  They did not leave as soon as they got the money, they continued playing. Later, we invited them over to Shikshantar. They accepted our invitation.

The next morning I had just woken up and they were there. Their names are Mustafa and Wajid. We had a good time painting things, watching videos, playing and having breakfast together.

Now anyone would say “These kids are…

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