Speculum of the Gift Culture

gift economygift culture or gift exchange is a mode of exchange where valuables are given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. 

When it comes to gift culture there are 6 kinds of people;

The believers and the true followers,

These are those people who completely believe in gift culture and follow it without doubting it a bit! I has sprained my hand once, and someone asked me to visit this guy in a village a bit away from Udaipur, I went there it was old house with a few people waiting outside, every 3 minutes there will screams of “oohh!!” and “aaahh!!”. So when it was my turn I went inside I saw the person who had come before me threw some money in the shelf and left. When I went it the guy didn’t say a word, I showed him my had, the pulled it and there was some noise, I screamed, and I felt a lot better, he asked me not to sleep on this side for the next 2 days and he called the next guy. He did not ask for money, it would have cost me a fortune if I had gone to the doc. I just left some money in the shelf and left. Now HE is a true follower, he doesn’t talk about it but does it!

These are the people who follow it without naming it anything.

The believers and the ego boo’s

“Ego boo is a colloquial expression for the pleasure received from public recognition of voluntary work.” These are the kind of people who believe in it and tell other people that they are following “gift Culture”. I don’t mean to say that there is anything wrong in it but yes they satisfy their ego by getting that kind of a recognition.

The ones who do it for the return gifts, prestationers,

Basically they are the ones who try to sell the concept of gift culture, the ones who do it for the benefits or a total prestation(A prestation is a service provided out of a sense of obligation, like “community service). Say, politicians such as the ones in Tamil Nadu, who give away things like television sets or help people in need to lure people into voting for them.

The pretenders,

“The paradox of keeping-while-giving”; they are given as gifts (not sold) yet still retain a tie to their owners. These gifts are not like those given in regular gift giving in the West on birthdays for example. Rather, these gifts can’t be re-sold for money by the receiver because the value and the significance of the gift cannot be alienated or disengaged from its relationship to those whose inalienable possession it is.

The partial believers,

These are the people who expected a generalized reciprocity when they gave away their things (gifts).

 generalized reciprocity is the exchange of goods and services without keeping track of their exact value, but often with the expectation that their value will balance out over time

The non-believers and the critiques

These are the people who sit and speculate about anything and everything. Or these are the people who strongly believe in the monetary system, these are the people who think that there can a VALUE (in terms of money) for everything.







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