Those little things!

Those little things! I was walking down the street, there was this lady who was selling Rudrakshs and a few other small things.. I stopped by and asked her “how much for the Rudraksh”…. She said 20.. I wanted it in black thread and not red, she patiently nodded and did that for me. I sat next to her while she was changing the thread. She started talking, I couldn’t make out what she was saying at first but I think she said the police kept chasing her away all the time. I asked her where she lives; she said she goes to the beach to sleep. She smiled! I knew she liked me. I was waiting for my bus anyways, so I sat next to her till my bus came, it was better than sitting alone in the bus stand with a straight face. I had no heart to leave her and go. Just the happiness that she’s keeping me company and I’m keeping her company, with no words, it felt good! She gave this big smile when I got up because the bus had come. I smiled back at her with my eyes filled with tears… I don’t know what that meant for me but her company made me feel good and it was a beautiful moment. 🙂 It’s nice meeting strangers and spending quality time with them like you’ve always known them. Sometimes people may think you’re crazy, why does it matter, they are all crazy anyways! I guess, these are the little things that makes me happy!


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