The distances between hearts – a short story

The Freedom Walker

Once, a revered saint was walking along the Ganges with his disciples. On his walk, he noticed a few people engaged in a furious heated-exchange of words. He realized that there might be a dispute between the people. One of the passers-by told the saint and his disciples that the people in verbal-spat are blood-relatives.

The saint made the disciples witness the fight. Later in the evening when the saint and the disciples got settled at a dharamsala located at the nearby ghats, the saint asked the disciples, “What did you notice during the fight?”

“A few people were furious and shouting at each other over some issue”, replied one of the disciples.

“They were not ready to listen to each other”, replied another disciple.

The saint then asked back, “Why do you think they were shouting at top of their voices even while they were standing physically so close…

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