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To live and let go!

I wrote this poem to myself , while writing a letter to my sel


 Just go! Live!

Tell other other people to live!

Magic is in the air,

Don’t fear any thing,

But don’t take things for granted as well,

There is beauty in everything,

Don’t be so proud of it,

But experience it, completely,

Live it, don’t imagine how it will be in the future,

Or how it was in the past,

Don’t even take advantage of the people involved. 

Just go! Take off! Let go of the past,

Think about what is yet to come!

If it doesn’t happen, Dream!

Don’t regret, it won’t let you go get it.

Don’t think too much of the big picture,

Don’t get lost in those small things as well,

Tell stories, steel stories, take them in, let them go!

I don’t know if you’ve just got one life,

But if it is so, then why waste it. 

Live it!


Drench in it. 

Drown in it, 

Don’t mistake yourself for that one small part of the cosmos, 

You make it complete!

Live it! love it! Let go if it!

Be it big, be it small, 

Experience it completely, go live your life,

Question it, answer it,

Remember, there is no one answer or the right answer, 

Don’t get too critical about it, 

Go..! Live and Let go!




When Nature Wants A Man ~Angela Morgan

Let's learn and create together !

Need more be said? 😉

Perhaps how this beautiful blessing came to me. It came through Saraswati, a very dear friend, wife of late Rajesh Dalal, one of my most precious friends and mentors – who had his awakening through J.Krishnamurti. Saraswati mentioned that this was K’s favorite poem. To share the story of how something comes about makes it come alive somehow. Enjoy.

When Nature Wants A Man

When Nature wants to drill a man
And thrill a man,
And skill a man,
When Nature wants to mould a man
To play the noblest part;
When she yearns with all her heart
To create so great and bold a man
That all the world shall praise–
Watch her method, watch her ways!
How she ruthlessly perfects
Whom she royally elects;
How she hammers him and hurts him
And with mighty blows converts him
Into trial shapes of clay

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Palki festival showcases the distinctive feature of the Maharashtrian culture. This is a 1000-year-old tradition, which has been following by the warkaris (people who follow the wari, a fundamental ritual). People perform collective singing, dancing, chanting (Dnyanba-Tukaram in what are called as Dindis or organised group of warkaris) to the holy town of Pandharpur in Hindu months of Ashadh (June-July) and Karthik (November-December).
i happened to be in pune at that time and,

We were rushing to get to someplace,
We were already late,
And the Plaki was on,
The celebrations, we are rushing
The dance, we are rushing,
And the music!

Oh that’s it, we have to stop and go!
We need to be out there celebrating!

The people, form 5 to 70 or may be even 80,
Everyone dancing, moving to the beat
Singing with all their heart

With so much hope, faith and belief
I don’t know how much of what everyone has,
But everyone has some reason to be here!
There is something that draws all these people!

Oh the color, the expressions and the joy in their faces,
I have never felt anything like that before,

How I wished I had a camera,
I wished I had a recorder,
I wished I had something unique to capture the feeling,
Then I realized I have a pen,
I am putting in everything thing that I felt over there,
“Hoping” it reaches you.