Perceptive Building, waking the doubter in me!

It triggered me when my grandma was talking good things about my uncle; I wanted to shout at her that you are talking about an abuser here! I was angry. Suddenly I had this big realization, it dawned upon me;
People can see what happens in front of them, they build their perceptive about that person according to that and start believing it, if it they hear something about them, they may start doubting it, sometimes even that might not happen, no matter what others tell them. The same thing happens with me as well.
This eventually made me conclude that we need to doubt a bit, but at the same time like my previous article says too much doubting can be a problem too.
So, how much can one doubt!?? Won’t life be a living hell if you doubt anything and everything??
All I know is that it’s important to doubt, it’s like this, this one’s is my favorite example , every passenger in an airplane can only see what’s outside his window but someone from the top can see all of it! We can’t get to the top of the plane, whereas we can keep in mind that we can only see form one of the window. I guess it keeps us grounded and in touch with reality. It also helps me be ok with things that people say even if I don’t agree with it.
The funny thing about this I’ve heard this before I’ve even said this to others. But it dawned on me now! Let’s see who efficiently I practice it!


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