The bag packer’s guide to the future

The bag packer's guide to the future

the bag packer’s guide to the future, so far yet so near.
project earth! protect your net work!
open up, the eye of the beholden,
open up the spaces within people .
to share, to love ,to touch!
see the bigger picture!
does fright make right?
the change is in the air.
the little big quest unbound!
think big!
it’s time!
the world has a new parking space for auto enthusiasts.
an essential move, go on a journey, experience
silly crazy mistakes you must make,
it takes only you to match you,
you are invited to break all the rules.
last time you jumped of a cliff?
who is the greatest ? you!
you are special
you are on the right track!
look inside,
look beyond infinity,
look beyond the smart frame.
moving those who move together,
learning happens out side your comfort zone,
we need to celebrate life!
resilience , for you’e the last frontier,
Discover a new moment


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