“Thatherey” lost in time??

walked-out walking-on

We were on a city walk the other day. We were visiting some places in the old city (Udaipur). We met this craftsman (utensil maker). He made these metal utensils.  “Circular pieces are cut out of the flat metal sheets of brass and copper. These disks are beaten up using a mallet with varying weights and a wooden support. The metal is beaten till it naturally bends along a concave or convex curve as required.” Beautifully made utensils. “It was of great use in the household earlier. it was commonly used to store water, to get flour dough ready etc” he says. And the same pots are being used from one generation to another.  So, they are durable too.

Sadly people don’t buy these utensils any more. Instead the opt for the cheap machine made utensils that aren’t durable. The food doesn’t stay good all the time…

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