road side enlightenment; yes i am the change

Sitting in the middle of the road,
with my ears plugged to the pod,
with a book and a pen in my hand,
waiting for someone to come,
it feels like the time has stopped,

What a crazy life these people live,
in a very crazy rat race they thrive,
someone throws out a can of coke out of the car,
a police man throws a lighted cig on the dry leaves outside the bar,
a van with 2 leaves on a flag parked in the middle of nowhere,
blocking the traffic everywhere.

All these small things seems like,
it doesn’t matter when compared what the bigger rats are doing,
but now I realized but it’s important to start here,
and it important to start with me now!

It’s in my hand,
it’s my responsibility to not do such things because it seems insignificant,
and also to try and stop the people who are doing it,
yes we are going to struggle a bit,
it happen if we want it to,
yes, I am the change!


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