Warriors For the Human Spirit

We are grateful to discover our right work and happy to be engaged in it. We embody values and practices that offer us meaningful lives now.
We let go of needing to impact the future. We refrain from adding to the aggression, fear and confusion of this time. We welcome every opportunity to practice our skills of compassion and
insight, even very challenging ones. We resist seeking the illusory comfort of certainty and stability. We delight when our work achieves good results yet let go of needing
others to adopt our successes. We know that all problems have complex causes. We do not place
blame on any one person or cause, including ourselves and colleagues. We are vigilant with our relationships, mindful to counteract the
polarizing dynamics of this time. Our actions embody our confidence that humans can get through
anything as long as we’re together. We stay present to the world as it is with open minds and hearts,
knowing this nourishes our gentleness, decency and bravery. We care for ourselves as tenderly as we care for others, taking time
for rest, reflection and renewal. We are richly blessed with moments of delight, humor, grace and joy.
We are grateful for these.
SO FAR FROM HOME: Lost and Found in Our Brave New World Margaret J. Wheatley Available online and in bookstores everywhere


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