Anonymity is good!


There is a time in one’s life cycle..when there is a great need to be loud, since one was pushed to the corner by repression, suppression, loneliness, born of ignorance. So what Lao Tzu said..”be like nature and express fully. Then be silent,” holds true. There comes a time when there is a greater need to be secretive and quiet and almost reclusive…This reclusive phase is not born of depression or suppression..but born of reveling in one’s lovely solitude..that is born of knowing..”Now I am self reliant and can take care of whatever rises inside all is now welcome and joyful…the fury, the rage, the sadness, the passion, the urges, the desires, the ecstasy, the aloofness..all of it. Now I am one with nature…earlier I thought I was separate.” I feel one can be truly oneself only in anonymity..provided that anonymity is not born of shame, fear and guilt..But…

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