To Reason and Ridicule Existence!

Very often we question existence when things don’t happen the way we want them to. When someone realizes there is no answer (trying to find solid proof) to why we are here they lose their meaning to live.  It’s really stupid to go beyond 5 why’s to any question! The answer is simply I don’t know, it’s not easy to be cool with the idea of not knowing  what’s going to happen, but we don’t have a choice, if we think we have found an answer, we are probably fooling ourselves. And it is dangerous to fool ourselves like that, because such answers are something we believe in.  We don’t keep it ourselves, we tell others if they don’t agree and they see the gaps in our answer we start imposing it on them. For example religion! It’s been ruining us for centuries now! But, belief is important too, as long as we don’t fool ourselves and others with it. 

For me the enormity of possibilities makes me believe that there is a reason to which I am here. And whenever I experience compassion and love out of the most unexpected corners of life I find new reasons to live.

I’m not stuck with the idea, it breaks and it forms again. I just let it happen.

That is the point, to be able to reason and then ridicule it! 


LoVe LeTtErs tO yOuR dEePesT DaRkeSt SelF!

Many a times we have this thought of doing something which is usually considered bad or evil, a thought  we keep pushing away from our head, we might as well go ahead and act on it and  regret it later. To our surprise,  there might be a very naïve need behind it, which can be addressed in different ways, ways which may not harm anyone or ourselves.

Suppose I have this destructive thought of breaking my laptop now, the need behind it could be something as simple as for it to work properly. I have to be patient, try to look for the problem and solve it.

likewise, I was really angry with abusers (sexual abusers), I had put them in one group of “evil” people. Recently, in my workshop we were talking about the things that are usually not talked about in the society around sex and sexuality, things like how one has been abused or how one was always told that thinking about sex is wrong, we were only focusing on the victims. Suddenly, one of the participants talked about how they have this rapist instinct in them, then it hit me! Even she/he does not want to do such a thing, but somewhere, there is this deep-rooted need to be loved behind it and of course it can be addressed in another way. Sometimes you don’t even have to adders the need you just have to acknowledge the need and stay with the need, give yourself and the need some love!


That’s how I came up with “love letters to your deepest darkest self” you simply write a love letter to that side of yours which you’ve been pushing away, you acknowledge it with love and try to understand it. I don’t know where that dark side of your disappears but it magically does, only by writing a couple of letters like this and talking to a trusted friend. You can also come up with creative ways of addressing your needs with your friend, family, counsellor or your community.

One of the participants had written to me later,

Talking about sex is very scary to me. Like one of the guy in session told. We get into abuse because of excitement we get and so frequently with it is to be suppressed
Suppressing that has created an anger, urge to get it more, make you desperate too. Talking about this in the open space could let me come out of the suppression and abuse and I’m a guy though.
Forget about discussing it with others, we can even discus with ourselves; spirituality has been a medium of suppressing it rather than coming out of it for me
Thank you for creating such a space. I’d like to cheer you for your courage.

Love and respect,

“Thatherey” lost in time??

walked-out walking-on

We were on a city walk the other day. We were visiting some places in the old city (Udaipur). We met this craftsman (utensil maker). He made these metal utensils.  “Circular pieces are cut out of the flat metal sheets of brass and copper. These disks are beaten up using a mallet with varying weights and a wooden support. The metal is beaten till it naturally bends along a concave or convex curve as required.” Beautifully made utensils. “It was of great use in the household earlier. it was commonly used to store water, to get flour dough ready etc” he says. And the same pots are being used from one generation to another.  So, they are durable too.

Sadly people don’t buy these utensils any more. Instead the opt for the cheap machine made utensils that aren’t durable. The food doesn’t stay good all the time…

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The bag packer’s guide to the future

The bag packer's guide to the future

the bag packer’s guide to the future, so far yet so near.
project earth! protect your net work!
open up, the eye of the beholden,
open up the spaces within people .
to share, to love ,to touch!
see the bigger picture!
does fright make right?
the change is in the air.
the little big quest unbound!
think big!
it’s time!
the world has a new parking space for auto enthusiasts.
an essential move, go on a journey, experience
silly crazy mistakes you must make,
it takes only you to match you,
you are invited to break all the rules.
last time you jumped of a cliff?
who is the greatest ? you!
you are special
you are on the right track!
look inside,
look beyond infinity,
look beyond the smart frame.
moving those who move together,
learning happens out side your comfort zone,
we need to celebrate life!
resilience , for you’e the last frontier,
Discover a new moment