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How have you been fooling yourself?

Facts facts! Mining, accounts for only 0.4% of the global workforce, but is responsible for over 3% of fatal accidents at work—about 11,000 per year, about 30 each day. every time we decide to buy a phone of something some is loosing their life or some woman is raped to get the work done. Women of reproductive age working with reproductive age working with reproductive toxics, neurotoxins, carcinogens and more.etc Etc… [look for links in the description for more accurate details and facts]

Given that all these things are happening, why do people do what they do even though it has a huge impact on the rest of the humanity!? Why haven’t we started changing our ways yet?

 I was going through my old stuff and realized that I had once done research on nanotechnology and presented a paper on it for a competition. The ideology of the competition was to test the capability to research and present a paper before getting into the field. My paper had a whole section of the disadvantages of advancement in nanotechnology. I have very clearly stated that local farmers and manufacturers will be put out of their jobs, and how atomic weapons can be more easily accessible to everyone and all that. But back then all the good/interesting things had a golden lining that I couldn’t actually see all the negative impacts it had. That negative impact which was affecting humanity was the first reason I wanted to work in nanotechnology in the first place. But is that all? Is that the reason people still do/work for all these things (selective hearing)?

What about the other people??

Is it that they truly believe that what they are working for/with will not affect other people?

Or is it that they are not aware of the consequences of their actions?

Or lazy and so used to comfort??

Or somewhere inside they want things to change but they are waiting for the world to change?

Or have they become so NUMB that they don’t care about the rest of the world?

Is compassion dead among people? No! I certainly don’t believe so! Cause every time when people hit rock bottom, they tend to help each other, people show love and compassion towards each other!! But it’s that what will take for people to realize?? A major crises situation?? Or like my friend always says is it possible to learn from other’s experience?? Learn that they have love and compassion inside of them, it as an innate quality of every human being!

We all know that we aren’t really happy with the way things are! no one is asked to stop using things, or buying things, they are just asked to think if they are OK with the way/medium through which they get things done. Lets face it! We all know that we are never going to reach perfection! But we have to keep trying! We can’t keep pretending that everything is perfect and fool ourselves! we need to change!

check out these links to find out more: http://www.storyofstuff.org/‎ , http://www.theeconomicsofhappiness.org/